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The m-exh team operates in the field of

protection, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage 

specialising in museums.

The m-exh team consists of an Archaeologist-Museologist and an Architect-Museologist also specialised in Film-directing. Its members, having many years of experience, through their cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and through private projects, carry out highly specialised works in the field of Museums.

In particular, the team provides services such as Museological and Museographical Studies* for permanent and temporary Exhibitions, Inventorying and Documentation for Museum Collections and Archives, as well as Production of Audiovisual material for Museums and Historical-Archaeological Documentaries.

Museological Study: it includes the detailed definition of the subject matter, meaning the basic idea, around which the various thematic units are articulated, the number and type of exhibits and their classification into units by theme, season, place of origin or style. It also specifies the extent of the exhibition, its overall development/integration into space, the desired routes and stops, as well as the decisions to be taken for the implement of special protection and lighting conditions.

Museographical Study: it follows the museological study and deals with the presentation of exhibits (bases, showcases, exhibition area), their design (materials, colors, dimensions) and their integration into the building. It aims at the better visualisation of the material (lighting, sighting distance from the exhibition area) and its documentation (location and dimensions of texts and other supporting visual material, use of video, etc.) and, finally, the “scenographic” performance/curating of the exhibition space, if and where needed, as an organic part of the exhibition route (visual representations, magnifications, use of special lighting, etc.)

H. Bouras-D. Filippides (eds), Architecture, Athens: Melissa 2013


Asimina Grigoriou
Archaeologist UOA & Sorbonne IV - MSc Museologist EDL 

Graduated from the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens and continued her postgraduate studies in Archaeology and Museology at the Sorbonne University - Paris IV and the Ecole du Louvre respectively. From 2007 she is collaborating with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in the field of Museums and from 2010 she is working as a free lance museum professional, her main occupation being the drawing and implementation of museological projects, the inventory and documentation of museum collections and archives and the research.

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Ifigenia Dimitriou

Architect Engineer NTUA - MSc Museologist UPC - Film Director QMU

Graduate of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Holds a Master’s degree in “Architecture, Art and Museology” from the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Barcelona (UPC). She completed Film studies at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in New York. She graduated from the Queen Margaret University Film School (QMU) with a scholarship and a degree in Directing. She is a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) on the subject of “Architecture and Film”. From 2007 she maintains her Architectural Office “ifostudio” in Athens and at the same time she is collaborating with the Ministry of Culture in the field of Exhibition Design and Monument Restoration, using her experience on creating Documentaries (mainly Archaeological) and Audiovisual Productions for Museums and Exhibitions. 



m-exh collaborates with a multidisciplinary team, consisting of external partners of all required specialties (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, archaeologists, museologists, museum curators, graphic designers, conservators of antiquities and works of art, manufacturers of showcases and special constructions, photographers, etc.).

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