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2021 PUBLICATION, “Historica Review” journal, “The Sotiria Archive”

2021 PUBLICATION, “Tachydromos” newspaper, “She gives life to emblematic monuments”

2020 PUBLICATION, “Tachydromos” newspaper, “They give life to monuments” 

2019 LECTURE, “ETEPAM” Panhellenic Conference of Restorations in Athens “The Soritia Museum: Museological and Museographical Project”

2019 PUBLICATION, “Ottoman Monuments in Greece: Heritage under Negotiation” on “Restoration of the Ottoman Bath in Kastellorizo”

2016 LECTURE, 25th Hellenic Pulmonary Conference at Hilton in Athens “Sotiria Museum”, “The Sotiria Museum: Journals of an old era”

2016 PUBLICATION, “Tachydromos” newspaper, “The multi-talented architect Ifigenia Dimitriou” 

2015 LECTURE, “ETEPAM” Panhellenic Conference of Restorations in Thessaloniki “Restoration Study of Ziller - Loverdos Mansion in Athens”

2015 “The Book” SHOW at ERT, Presentation of views on cinema books

2012 PUBLICATION, SAIA Annuario, Volume XC, Series III, p. 213-224. Participation in the publication: P. Triantafyllidis “Silver vessels of the Archaic period from Rhodes” 

2011 LECTURE, Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens “Historical Compromise of Architectural Neoclassicism and Neo-Byzantinism of Museum at the Ziller-Loverdos Residence” 

2011 PUBLICATION, “Kathimerini” newspaper, “When Neoclassicism meets Neo-Byzantinism”

2011 PUBLICATION, “Ta Nea” newspaper, “The haunted residence that housed party people, bankruptcies and treasures”

2010 LECTURE, 6th International Conference on Viotia Studies “Thiva/Medieval Tower of Saint Omer” 

2010 LECTURE, 2nd Scientific Meeting of the Alumni of the Interdisciplinary of the NTUA Postgraduate Programmes Contribution to the Protection of Monuments through the work of its graduates” on “Architectural and configuration survey of the Kastraki archaeological site, Pref. of Agathonisi”

2010 PUBLICATION, “The outer border islet Agathonisi” Book, Publication of plans

2010 PUBLICATION, “TCG” Magazine, “Failing lives” 

2008 LECTURE, Conference “The Industrial Heritage of the Dodecanese” in Rhodes “Industrial Dream” - Short film-documentary on the abandonment of industrial monuments in Rhodes 

2008 LECTURE, Conference “Management of special information towards environmental management of large cities” in Valencia “The court of miracles in Plaka-Athens, through bioclimatic architecture” 

2008 PUBLICATION, Journal of glass studies, Volume 50, 2008 Participation in the publication: P.Triantafyllidis “An Egyptian Core-Formed Krateriskos in the Rhodes Archaeological Museum, Greece” 

2008 PUBLICATION, “Culture” magazine, “Ziller-Loverdos Mansion/Kiss of Life in the nick of time”

2008 LECTURE,  University of Thessaly, International Con- gress for the painter Theophilos. The Zalkos House frescoes, at Mytilini: from the “great room” of the house to the “great room” of the museum

2006 PUBLICATION, “Filothei Press” newspaper, “Photo journey to the burned forests of the Peloponnese”. Publication of photographs

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